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Why Choose Chainifi?

Instant Float and 24-business hour float

Simplified financing process

Flexible payment terms

Access to financing to help businesses grow and expand

Transparency in all transactions

Start Seeing Results Right Away

Are you tired of the outdated and complicated supply chain industry? Chainifi is here to break through the noise and simplify your life. Our team is made up of supply chain experts who know the biz inside and out. With our revolutionary software, we combine decades of experience with AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to create a one-of-a-kind platform. It's set up within 24 hours of sign-up, so you can start seeing results right away. Plus, our platform is perfect for shippers, carriers, and owner-operators alike. Don't get left in the dust - join the Chainifi revolution today!

Chainifi's Supply Chain Software as a Service Platform

  • Simplifies the Supply Chain: Integrates the typical 5-8 steps that shippers have to work with receivers, brokers, carriers, 3PL factoring, and data, providing a quick and easy setup from day one of sign up.

  • Solves Financing Issues for Carriers: Carriers can be paid within 24 business hours not the typically 30-45-60 days typically. 

  • 24 business hour Float for Owner Operators: provides you a buffer between loads without changing anything existing negotiating contracts.

  • Offers Off-Balance Sheet Financing: Reverse factoring and our instant float  allow you to switch from net 30 to net 60 providing you free month of opex per year without impacting D/E ratio.

  • Provides Clean Data: Chainifi cleans data and offers visibility, solving issues related to double brokering and improving data integrity.

  • Reduces Time to Value: Sign up and start running on Chainifi, getting clean data and simplifying the supply chain, saving shippers and carriers time and money.

  • Solves Payment and POD Issues: Chainifi can run and pay carriers through Stratopay, eliminating the need for auditors and reducing costs for shippers.

  • Improves Financial Visibility: Off-balance sheet lending and improved data integrity provide better financial visibility for shippers and carriers.

  • Reduces Costs: Simplification of the supply chain, off-balance sheet financing, and clean data lead to reduced costs for shippers and carriers.


Supply Chain Pain Points and Chainifi Solutions

Chainifi's supply chain software simplifies the freight payment process and provides instant float to shippers, carriers, and single owner-operators. With a 24-business hour float, Chainifi delivers operating capital for workflow and eliminates the need for shippers to finance their carriers.

Here are the pain points that Chainifi addresses:

  • Complicated freight payment process: Chainifi integrates all the steps involved in the freight payment process, including shipper, receiver, broker, carrier, 3PL, factoring, and data, into a simple platform for shippers and carriers.

  • Double brokering: The freight industry is riddled with cases of double brokering, making it challenging for shippers and carriers to manage their finances.

  • Lack of operating capital for carriers: Financing a carrier base can be challenging for shippers, and the delay in payments can affect the carrier's ability to pay for fuel and tires.

  • Off-balance sheet lending and equity ratio: Extending payments from net 30 to net 60 can give shippers additional cost of capital, but it can also have a one-time hit on their balance sheet lending and equity ratio.

Chainifi solves these problems by:

  • Providing instant float: Chainifi's instant float delivers operating capital for workflow, and the 24-business hour float eliminates the need for shippers to finance their carriers.

  • Simplifying the payment process: Chainifi integrates all the steps involved in the payment process, eliminating the need for shippers and carriers to manage multiple platforms and systems.

  • Preventing double brokering: Chainifi's platform tracks each load, preventing double brokering and ensuring data integrity.

  • Reducing auditing costs: By providing clean data and a simple platform, Chainifi can help shippers and carriers save money on auditing costs.


Overall, Chainifi's supply chain software provides a simple, streamlined solution for shippers and carriers, delivering instant float and reducing the complexity of the freight payment process.

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Sign up for Chainifi and experience the benefits of our innovative platform for yourself. 

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